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Virtual STREAM Festival

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The History of STREAM

The STREAM Festival is an annual event hosted by the MiraCosta College Service Learning & Volunteer Center, in partnership with various campus departments. It originally started in 2005 as the Math and Science Fair. After ten years, the name switched to The STREAM Festival because every great scientist must have a passion for Reading and Writing. We also included Arts because science is full of creativity and artistic talent.

STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math. The festival promotes a passion for learning across the disciplines, with a STEM foundation.

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A few of the courses and clubs that are represented each year are: Math, Architecture and Design, Biology, Anthropology, English, Chemistry, Horticulture, IT Club, Psychology, Oceanography, Nutrition, Music, GSA, BSU, Umoja, Equity, Photography, Arts, Sociology, Child Development, Medical Billing, Associated Student Government, ICC, Math Club, Outreach, and our very own Technical Career Institute.

Virtual STREAM Projects